7 Important Tips to Make Your Blogger Load Faster

Load time or speed of a blog is basically very important now a days in SEO’s prospective. So here I’ll give you some tips about how to check and reduce your blog’s load time. And this surely affects your blog’s ranking.
For checking your blog’s ranking, you can use several tools available online. But to be honest, all tools aren’t accurate, however, some tools are there which are created by professional organizations and they work just perfect. One of those tools is created by Google itself, and which I can say is the best one. Because it gives you exact and live loading timing of your blog. You can also get ideas for improving your blog’s time by using Google’s tool.

Here is the link of Google’s speed checker:

Above tool is the only free tool which accurately shows you about your blog’s speed time. Just enter your blog’s URL in the field and click Analyze, within seconds you’ll be able to see your blog live, and this tools will give your site points out of 100. So if you got points more than 90 than your blog is at nice level. But if you got less then 90 points or less than 80 points then you must think about improving your blog’s load time.

How to Reduce Blog’s Load Time?

Now here I come up with few tips that can surely reduce/improve your blog’s speed in very less time. But keep in mind that you’ll have to keep this thing in your blog’s to-do-list.
Show limited ads Many bloggers use lots of ads on their blogs to earn more money. If you are doing so, then you are doing wrong. Advertisement gadgets use javascript that reduces your blog speed. Use limited ads to make your blog load faster.

Avoid heavy Flash Media and components Flash media and components though provide a nice readable experience for readers, they can make your page load much slowly, so you should always avoid heavy flash files and if necessary, you can compress them.

Please Avoid JavaScript JavaScript may have a lot of functions but in fact, it also affect your blog’s speed dramatically, so make it sure you don’t unnecessarily use JavaScript, avoid using JavaScript as much as possible.

Don’t use too much images Having images in Blog posts is great thing, but using just one or two images is far a more better idea. So make sure you use only 1 or 2 images inside your blog posts, this will also reduce your blog’s speed.

Optimize Images Optimizing images means, just make sure you re-size your images by using a  photo editor like Photoshop or Paint, because if you download an image from internet and uploaded as same as it is then it will be harmful, however, if you re-size an image from 1000 * 800 to  500 * 300 then it would give you two advantages, one that the image will be now having less size and the second that you’ll own the image. Means there will be no copyright issues.

Get Rid of Extra Widgets Using widgets in blog is very time saver thing, but don’t use extra widgets, they also take too much time when someone visits your site. So make sure you only use important widgets and avoid using widgets such as State counters, Google Translators, Feedjit etc.

Few Posts on Home Page Your home page is considered as the king of your blog other pages. So make it sure your blog’s home page is loading faster than other pages, don’t show too much posts on home page, instead just show up 3 to 5 posts on home page. Google also says this.

I hope these tips are unique for you and by using these tips you’ll be able to improve your blog’s speed. Let me know if you have further questions. If you have any tips expect mine, then do share them with me.

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