How to Turn On or Turn Off YouTube Safety Mode

YouTube is a popular video sharing website by Google However , there many websites available to watch, share and download videos in world wide web but the YouTube is best website for the video lovers because of its amazing features. Anyone can create their original video using smartphone or Digital camera and upload it to YouTube for free. one of the best thing about YouTube service is that there isn’t any limitation in uploading videos to our channel as well as it  allows users to create multiple YouTube channels. but it isn’t required that it popular mean there is not any disadvantages. as i said there is no limitation and everyone can create and upload their video to YouTube. so, a lot of adult videos are there which uploaded by the YouTube users and we are going to make it disable by turning on safety mode.

As we can see most likely parents treat their kids to avoid using internet or YouTube because of this reason. If your kid using YouTube to watch movies, songs, promo, it’s OK but sometimes they will find some adult video from the YouTube search results. However, they will be not aware what is all about but the problem is that they will jump to that video to watch. if it happens with us then no problem but it is not good it happen when we are watching the videos and children or family members are sitting beside us.
However, YouTube will allow you to see adult video when you are logged in with Google account to confirm that you are 18+ otherwise you will be not able to watch that video but still it isn’t safe because anyone can edit their account and change date of birth if they are not 18+ even age confirmation features is works on YouTube website only when you go through direct video URL then it will start playing without signing in.
So, how if we stop displaying adult videos from YouTube search result as well as from sidebar related videos? It can be done through turning on safety mode on YouTube website which is the great feature provided by officially YouTube / Google. In the default YouTube, it is always turned off for the safety mode and you can search and watch any videos from the YouTube. but when you turn on safety mode it will hide Videos that may contain inappropriate content flagged by YouTube Users or other signals.  Sometimes it will not work but it will help you to avoid most inappropriate content form the YouTube.
Turning on safety mode to YouTube that mean it will enables Google safe search for your YouTube account and hide adult / inappropriate content from YouTube site. but it will be work only, when you are logged in with your YouTube account that mean it will changed to turn off safety mode when you are logged out from your Google / YouTube account.
To keep it enabled safety mode even you are logged out with your Google account you have to Lock safety mode on your browser through your account so that no one will be allowed to change safety mode settings. only you can change that settings by logged in with your Google account.
So, now if you would like to have turned on YouTube safety mode then follow the simple steps given below :
  • Go to YouTube and sign in with your Google ID and Pass.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the YouTube homepage, there you will see a menubar with some options such as choosing language, Country, and safety mode.
  • Click on safety mode option then check “ON” to enable YouTube safety mode.
  • To enabled safety mode even you are logged out with your YouTube Click on “Lock Safety mode on this browser” then it will ask you to enter your YouTube account password for the security reason, then enter your password to confirm then your browser will be lock with “safety mode on” for YouTube website and nobody will be enable to change safety mode setting.
  • After completing with above step its time to check how it works. To check how its works, go to YouTube and search with keyword “xxxx” and see the result .
  • So, now, if you want to turn off safety mode then sign in with your YouTube account > Scroll down to the bottom > Click on Safety mode option > Check “OFF” then safety mode will be disabled.

How to Change Your FeedBurner Email Delivery Time

FeedBurner is one of the best tool for we bloggers to get traffic to our blog. but generally, there has good features that we always ignored or don’t know about it. but in the feedburner we have the option to change feedburner email delivery time. this one small changes can be made big difference. A week ago i set up email delivery time according to my audience demographic and location into feedburner account and i noticed that my page view has increased by this small changes.

Before we start, You must be know about your readers/audience demographic details, that can you know the best time to send emails. Suppose, if your blog have most of subscribers from U.S.A then you should set the time according to U.S.A work time. you can check your audience demographic detail on analytic. Also you should know that you can send only one mail in one day and you can set only one time to sending mail in feedburner.
So, you need to set email delivery time according to audience demographic and location detail. Now let’s know how to change your feedburner email delivery time in feedburner.
  1. To change your feedburner email delivery time, go to
  2. Click on the name of your feed.
  3. Click the Publicize tab.
  4. Click “Email Subscriptions.”
  5. Click “Delivery Options.”
  6. Choose a time from the “Schedule Email Delivery” menu.
  7. Click “Save.”
for the more detail check the screenshot below :
After you reset the time, keep it there for at least a few days and ideally a week or more. This will give you a more exact picture of the adequacy of a specific time. Don’t expect that the default set by Feedburner or another person chosen time will work for you. All websites are distinct and all audience are distinctive.
Enjoy 🙂

How to Disable New Categories Tabs In Gmail

We receives a lot of different types of emails from friends, social, deals, offers, confirmations and receipts etc. all of these mails are delivered to you in your gmail into only one section. we have to find important mails by checking one by one and it very hard to find a mail which we need to get done. 😦
But, now gmail introduced new feature for desktop and mobile that will be very useful for us to manage all different mails easily.
On the desktop, the new inbox gatherings your mail into categories which show up as diverse tabs. You basically pick which categories you need and voilà! Your inbox is formed in a manner that gives you a chance to see what’s new at a look and choose which messages you need to read when.

What you can do with the new inbox :

  1. Select the tabs you need from each of the five to none.
  2. Drag-and-drop to move messages between tabs.
  3. Set certain senders to dependably show up in a specific tab.
  4. Star messages so they additionally show up in the Primary tab.

How to Disable New Categories Tabs In Gmail?

Personally, I like that feature but after reading this forum I found that many people unliked this feature and they want to remove/disable this feature from their gmail account. So, if you one of them and you want to disable this feature from your gmail account, then follow the introduction below. Actually, there is an option to disable these tabs and get old look right away and the good thing is that option is officially available by Gmail. so, you don’t need to download or install any kind of app or add-on to do this.
  • First of all you have to open > Click on setting gear icon and choose Configure Inbox. (It will help you to configure your tabs settings.)
  • Now, New pop-up will apprear with all the option like below.

  • Now, Uncheck all items except Primary (which you cannot uncheck)
  • That’s it.
I hope this article helped you, don’t forget to share your thoughts about Gmail’s new categories tabs feature by commenting below. 🙂

Top 10 Websites to Make Money by Writing Content

So you’ve got a thing for writing, but do it for your own pleasure? Maybe you’ve tried earning some cash with your content, but didn’t manage to find the right strategy? It’s time to start reaping the benefits of your talent.
The Internet offers plenty of opportunities for bloggers and content writers; you only need to trust the right sites and start making a decent income with writing. Don’t worry; you won’t need to go through a lot of trial and error to get to a well-paying website. The following top 10 list will guide you towards reliable, safe, and profitable sites that will pay you for your writing!
If English is your first language, join today for FREE and you will have access to HUNDREDS of paid writing jobs.
At you can sell and buy unique content. You can signup an account and start getting writing gigs, really good chance to make money writing as a ghost writer as it’s not open for publishers.
Get writing jobs by becoming a member of site, it’s pretty easy, all what you have to do is to signup and create your profile page. You will then become an author. Authors get picked by clients who request content, so be sure to have all required information about you and your writing skills in your profile. 
Now known as A very trusted content site where you can write reviews, guides or simply your own opinion about any given subject. The good thing about AC is that you can publish articles you have published elsewhere as well. However, you make the most money for articles you write exclusively for AC.
One of the most (if not THE most) prestigious content site. They have a very thorough process of accepting writers, which explains the quality of their content. It’s one of the highest paid content sites.
Helium is a fast growing paid to write site where you can earn money to write about any topic you like. The amount of money you make, depends on the popularity and the amount of traffic and rating your article receives.
DigitalJournal was founded in 1998 as a news network, where anyone from professional journalists to average Joe blogger can get paid to write and discuss news and happenings around the world.
eHow is one of the most popular how-to guide sites where you can earn money writing step by step instructions showing people how to do anything.
Another well-known content site and the only one to my knowledge that pays twice a week.
Founded in 1996, Suite 101 quickly became one of the most popular online magazines. It’s one of the few big content sites that works on a revenue sharing system.
Its a site where so many webmasters and people looking for quality content turn to. So, it’s full of opportunities and a great site to get your work known and be paid top dollar for your work.
A fairly new paid to write site that is quickly becoming one of the most popular ones. You can write about any topic you like. You can also earn money by referring other writers to the site.

Best Website Building Tools to Create Professional Websites

In case you need to create a site of your own, but you don’t have the needed time or skills – there are two options in front of you. The first one is to hire professional agency that can handle the situation, but keep in mind that in most cases this will cost you a small fortune, or the second option is to create a site on your own with the help of website builders. Below we will pay attention to 7 of the best website builders, so if you feel like saving some money and creating the site you want on your own, keep reading.

The first website builder we would like to direct your attention to is IM Creator – it represents a web-based CMS that offers really great user interface. It will not take you more than an hour to develop the site of your dreams. The whole customization is extremely easy and can be performed with a few clicks. Everything is easy, simple and quick.

However, if you want to build an e-commerce site with plenty of features, then IM Creator will not be able to help you because it doesn’t offer that big diversity of features.  On the other hand – it is ideal for small websites.
2. Google Sites
Another completely free and simple web-based site builder is Google Sites. It is really good because it offers good integration with all of Google’s features such as docs, ads, videos, maps, etc. On the other hand, some of the competitor’s website builders offer better control over the design and overall better interface. It might be a good idea to take a look at it and decide whether or not this one fits your needs. Google Sites is really good website builder and every person will have no problems creating a website with its help.
According to some of the latest news – there are more than 25 million sites that has been built via WEBS – this can mean only one thing – the website builder is really great and offers great extensibility and lots of features. Webs has been available since 2001 and ever since  then millions of people are using its features.
It is that popular because its main target group is small business and entrepreneurs.  Of course you will be able to build a website on your own that will fit your needs because Webs will provide all of the tools you are in need of.
Jimbo is one of website builders known for their great user-interfaces. It is really easy to use because its main idea is to remove the barriers that are stopping people from creating their own professional and nice-looking sites.
It is one of the most preferred websites builders thanks to the great variety of tools and options it offers. It will take you less than 10 minutes to activate your site and start selling your services or products to customers all over the world.
If you are looking for website builder that is known for its innovation then Edicy is just for you. So if you are experiencing any issues with some of the other builders, why don’t you try this one?
It has lots of features that will let you customize the site in the best way possible. Edicy is really powerful when it comes to customization, plus it can be a really good helper if you are about to create multilingual websites – this is one of its biggest advantages.
The thing that has made YOLA one of the most preferred website builders is its user friendly interface. It has great support, including telephone support for all those new clients who are experiencing any problems with the website builder.
There is a free plan, but if you want to take advantage of the full potential of the website builder, we recommend you to go for the paid version. In fact there are 2 versions – silver and gold, costing respectively 60$ and 100$ (on annual base).
This website builder is recommended for beginners because it offers lots of capabilities for FTP access, free accounts, blogging, online web tutorials and many more. The tools are made for beginners or people with really little computer and programming skills, so don’t worry because even if you are the biggest beginner TRIPOD will help you create your website in the way you want it.

7 Important Tips to Make Your Blogger Load Faster

Load time or speed of a blog is basically very important now a days in SEO’s prospective. So here I’ll give you some tips about how to check and reduce your blog’s load time. And this surely affects your blog’s ranking.
For checking your blog’s ranking, you can use several tools available online. But to be honest, all tools aren’t accurate, however, some tools are there which are created by professional organizations and they work just perfect. One of those tools is created by Google itself, and which I can say is the best one. Because it gives you exact and live loading timing of your blog. You can also get ideas for improving your blog’s time by using Google’s tool.

Here is the link of Google’s speed checker:

Above tool is the only free tool which accurately shows you about your blog’s speed time. Just enter your blog’s URL in the field and click Analyze, within seconds you’ll be able to see your blog live, and this tools will give your site points out of 100. So if you got points more than 90 than your blog is at nice level. But if you got less then 90 points or less than 80 points then you must think about improving your blog’s load time.

How to Reduce Blog’s Load Time?

Now here I come up with few tips that can surely reduce/improve your blog’s speed in very less time. But keep in mind that you’ll have to keep this thing in your blog’s to-do-list.
Show limited ads Many bloggers use lots of ads on their blogs to earn more money. If you are doing so, then you are doing wrong. Advertisement gadgets use javascript that reduces your blog speed. Use limited ads to make your blog load faster.

Avoid heavy Flash Media and components Flash media and components though provide a nice readable experience for readers, they can make your page load much slowly, so you should always avoid heavy flash files and if necessary, you can compress them.

Please Avoid JavaScript JavaScript may have a lot of functions but in fact, it also affect your blog’s speed dramatically, so make it sure you don’t unnecessarily use JavaScript, avoid using JavaScript as much as possible.

Don’t use too much images Having images in Blog posts is great thing, but using just one or two images is far a more better idea. So make sure you use only 1 or 2 images inside your blog posts, this will also reduce your blog’s speed.

Optimize Images Optimizing images means, just make sure you re-size your images by using a  photo editor like Photoshop or Paint, because if you download an image from internet and uploaded as same as it is then it will be harmful, however, if you re-size an image from 1000 * 800 to  500 * 300 then it would give you two advantages, one that the image will be now having less size and the second that you’ll own the image. Means there will be no copyright issues.

Get Rid of Extra Widgets Using widgets in blog is very time saver thing, but don’t use extra widgets, they also take too much time when someone visits your site. So make sure you only use important widgets and avoid using widgets such as State counters, Google Translators, Feedjit etc.

Few Posts on Home Page Your home page is considered as the king of your blog other pages. So make it sure your blog’s home page is loading faster than other pages, don’t show too much posts on home page, instead just show up 3 to 5 posts on home page. Google also says this.

I hope these tips are unique for you and by using these tips you’ll be able to improve your blog’s speed. Let me know if you have further questions. If you have any tips expect mine, then do share them with me.

Best Blogging Tips for Making Your Blog Better in 2015

Almost halfway, we are still planning to improve blog traffic and impress the masses with the posts made. However, it isn’t happening.
Surely the reason behind the same is that we are making some mistake that prevents us from creating a successful blog.
If you feel the same, here are some tips that should help you improve your blog’s traffic and impress the masses.
Focus on quality content: We often confuse a blog to be a sales or marketing tool. However, it is neither a sales tool nor a marketing tool; it is a communication tool that allows your followers to connect with the content they expect on your blog.
Yes, adding a couple of promotional sentences or links will not harm your post, but if you have an entire post that is only promotional, you can expect your followers to unfollow you.
You should stay focused on quality content that is what people have followed you for!
At this point, it is important to note that bloggers often lose traffic because they do not know what the purpose of their blog is!
If it is ‘time pass’, you should not expect people to follow randomly you and keep a track of every post that is made on your blog.
To be a successful blogger, you should have a definite purpose and do not lose sight of it.
There can be n number of purposes that include sharing your passion, establishing your expertise or expression your opinions.
Also, you can use the blog to promote a service or product, but it should not be done in the traditional website way. For that, you have an established website. Here, you can post articles related to your service or product.
For example, if you have a blog that is made to promote coconut oil, you should post articles like, ‘Benefits of coconut oil’ or ‘Many uses of coconut oil’ and so on. The only issue with these blogs is that you cannot write negatives or move out of line. This means that you are limited with articles, and you have to work really hard to keep your followers entertained and engaged.

Quality and quantity: It is often said that you should look for quality and not quantity. However, for the past couple of years, rules have changed, but we are still following the same rule.
Yes, good quality products are still important. The new rule is for quantity, and it notes that you should know your blog’s purpose, field and need to determine the quantity.
For example, if you have an informational blog that relates to technology, you should know that there is a huge demand for the same. So, you should try to cater to the needs by posting more and more articles in a week.
Make sure that you maintain quality; otherwise your followers will dump your blog and look for an interesting alternative.

Is it all about you?: Well, then you might be the only person to read it unless you are a celebrity.
People love to know about things, but if you have come up with a blog that brags about your goodness, kindness or madness, people might not appreciate it.
So, make sure that you do not make posts that are only about you.

Smartphones and tablets: There are a number of smartphones and tablets available in the market, and you might have one or a couple too!
So, use it to add posts on your blogs so that you can instantly post something interesting. Remember, bloggers can find interesting things to post anytime.
So, use your smartphone or tablet to make quick posts.
If you do not have a compatible smartphone or tablet, buy it online at offers a wide range of smartphones and tablets. Also, exciting offers and discounts are available at However, before purchasing them, look for coupons. Coupons are life savers, and you can get additional discounts on your purchases with the help of these coupons.
10% off Coupons for are available at various coupon sites. Use them and get better deals on your purchases.

Schedule your posts: Well, if you have made ten posts today, don’t post them all today itself.
Set a schedule and publish them weekly, biweekly or daily.
Also, make sure that if you have a trend of publishing posts weekly, make sure that you post them weekly and do not miss it. With every miss, you can expect a set of followers to miss an interesting most next week. So, make sure that you do not miss it!

SEO and SMO: Optimization is important, whether it is Search Engine Optimization or Social Media Optimization. If you do not optimize your blog, no one will read your blog unless you are a known personality.
For these optimizations, you should have adequate knowledge if you do it on your own. If not, you should get an expert’s help to resolve the issue.
Marketing your blog is important because without marketing no one will know about your posts.
Today, we have platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google and so on that can help us promote our posts with ease. However, with the evolution of these platforms, competition has even risen. So, you need to be smart and outsmart others to improve your blog’s traffic.
So, if you do not have adequate knowledge of the same, you should either get an expert’s advice on the same or learn about it.
For the latter, there are books available online that can help you know more about it.
Planning to buy such books? Visit and start looking for one that suits your need.
Remember, you have store deals and coupons to help you get exciting discounts on your purchases.
Concluding, these important tips should be on your mind to have a successful blog.
Apart from this, what else can one do to have a successful blog? Share your views in the comments below so that our readers can read and appreciate your efforts.