Tips to Access Multiple Facebook Accounts from Android

Many people wish to have access to multiple Facebook accounts from their android just like they do for Google account. But we cannot add more than one Facebook account to synchronize and login to default android Facebook account like that of Gmail account. But hopefully, an android app has been developed that will allow you to add multiple Facebook accounts on your device. This app works similar to default android app and has been named as “Friend caster” which is available on Google play store. There is a lot of craze among the youngsters for the Facebook, as they remain united with their friends who are far away and close as well and still have lots of extra activities, apps, games and much more to do. They even create multiple accounts to create a prank with their allies. So everyone wants more than one account and at the same time wants the access from the same device for the multiple accounts. Therefore, you might be in need of this app and want to know how to configure this app. So, have a glance at the steps given below.

Configuration of Friend caster App on your device

  • First you need to download this app from the Google play store.
  • After downloading, install it on your device.
  • Now you can see add account option. Click on the add account option and enter your Facebook user name which is valid and enter the password. Remember that the password you enter must contain maximum number of words and should be strong enough to be accepted. Password and user names are very important and must not be revealed to anyone.
  • After this it will ask you to grant the permission to use friend caster and access your Facebook data on your device.
  • Your account will be added on friend caster and similarly you can add another face book account on your device with this app.
  • And if incase you wish to change your Face book account, you can go to setting menu and click on account. You can see added account and you can easily switch one account to another account from here.


    • You can update your status, send messages, share photos/URL link directly from it.
    • And the most amazing feature is that you can login multiple accounts from your device.
    • It is faster than default Face book app.
    • You can switch theme color of it and customize fonts from setting menu, i.e., customizable beautiful themes colors.
    • You can even add check ins from the app, tag your friends and add custom message to your check ins.


How to Log Out of Facebook Messenger on Your Android Device

Do you have any idea about how to log out of Facebook Messenger on your Android device? Facebook users are not really happy ever since they are forced in to send and receive messages on Facebook through Messenger. We hope that by now you must have discovered that there is no way to log out from the app only if still you have downloaded, installed and logged in to the Messenger.
There is no doubt that Messenger is the only easiest way to stay connected with your Facebook friends but many users don’t want to remain active 24*7. Users might not see an option to log out as there on Facebook but if you think that you can’t log out from the app, then you are wrong buddies. There is a simple and easy way to logout from your Facebook Messenger when you are not using it.
The recent change about using the Messenger creates a huge upheaval among the Facebook users because the change seems to be worse as it does not support the option for logout. But today, I will show you up a roundabout way which will help you in logging out from Facebook Messenger easily.
If you want to log out, head towards your phone’s settings but first close the app if you are using and get rid from the recent apps list as well. Switch to Settings>>Application Manager or Apps>>Messenger>>Clear Data.
It’s all done guys! Though now it will not log in to your profile automatically but when you will go back to the app, it will just show you your profile name which means that you just need not to sign in but just click on messenger. Do you need to log out completely? If yes, then you have to log out from the Facebook app because Messenger is fully integrated with the same. If you have no issues seeing your name their or if anyone wants to check their account through your android phone then they can simply tap on “switch account” and log in with their details.
Though this roundabout method is a bit annoying one but is the only way to log out of Facebook Messenger on your android device. Even there are no signs of any changes in Facebook so it is only the one way around.

How to choose your Facebook manager after you die

The whole idea is amusing and even I know that there are many people who have saved their passwords in the encrypted files, but there are even few who don’t really care and thus their accounts get locked forever. Recently, Facebook released its new feature “Legacy Contact” through which now you can choose your Facebook manager after you die. Now, you can easily give your digital life’s power of attorney to a trusted person.

The Legacy Contact Feature

It allows you to choose a trusted person as your legacy Contact. Once, your Facebook is notified about your death, it will memorialize the account remembering the person. The person chosen as the Legacy Contact can be able to access the account easily.
This feature has an access to:
  • Make an announcement through the post
  • Update the profile
  • Respond to all friend requests
This feature cannot access:
  • Login information
  • Account settings
  • Personal messages
These restrictions might upset your legacy contact because this is just a job of a caretaker. You can easily add/view the legacy contact by navigating to Settings>>Security>>Legacy Contact. From here, you can check on the settings whether you want the contact to download the messages, pictures, posts, etc. which are archived. Or else, you can choose to delete your account permanently. So, Facebook has finally managed to interweave in our life after death too.

How to Safely Unfriend a Facebook Creeper

Creepers are those people who disturb us in a weird ways. For instance, staring you while you sleep or search for you eagerly from their windows. It often happens with all of us that we befriend few people on Facebook, but unluckily, they turn out to be the creepers. Sometimes, we wish to Unfriend them from Facebook, but afraid to do so in fear that they might can turn down and harm us. Today, I am here to give you all a brief tutorial on how to safely Unfriend a Facebook Creeper. You are the owner of your Facebook account and have the right to Unfriend anyone at any point of time.

Abatement Strategy

Remember that unfriending a creeper might hurt their feelings and they might turn the situation with a negative outcome. If you want a polite way to distance yourself from the creeper, then the best way is to follow the abatement strategy. If you meet the creeper everyday, then unfriending the same person will only create some awkward moments. Though Facebook will not notify the person that you did Unfriend them, but if they are an expert-level creeper, they will definitely choose to run a script for Unfriend finder. They will always try to keep track of all the activities and they will get to know when you will Unfriend them. The best possible way to distance yourself from the creepers is to put an end to the feeds with Facebook updates.

Add to the Restricted List

Facebook allows the users to restrict their friends certain from the posts. People who are on the restricted list can see only your public posts. This means that you restrict them from seeing your posts without unfriending them.
Click padlock Settings icon on Facebook>>See more settings>>Blocking>>Manage Blocking>>Edit List>>Restricted List>>Add Friends>>Finish

Change Future Posts Visibility

Facebook creepers would love to creep into your daily updates. So, it’s important to cut off the flow.
Click padlock Settings icon on Facebook>>Who can see my stuff>>Drop down blue triangle>>choose Custom>>Don’t share this with>>type your friend’s name>>Save Changes
Spotting a Facebook Creeper is quite easy as it is the person who always shows up in the top commenters on your posts. The first sign to show that they are actually a Facebook Creeper is their frequent comments on your posts. The person actually looks out for you. If the person shows up on the top of your friends list, then it means that you interact with them frequently, but without habitual interaction if they show up on the top, then you need to become a little more concerned about it. It particularly means that someone is stalking you and breaking the Facebook laws.
A person who sends you creepy and weird messages to whom you don’t reply, but the person still continues, then you can categorize the person as a Facebook creeper as they just desire to remain connected with you somehow. If the things have gotten out of your control, then you can just block the person right away. Moreover, before getting hurt, you can alarm up yourself and inform the police because you may not know that this person might be watching you out of your windows and proceed you throughout the day. This will simply help you in restricting the creepers from viewing your updates.