How to Add Blogger Blog to Google Webmasters Tools

Google has integrated Webmaster tools for Blogger / Blogspot Blogs since long time but still newbies face problem getting verified and submitting Blogger sitemap to Webmasters tools

Follow the simple steps to add blogger blog to Webmaster Tools. Adding your site to google webmaster tools increases your blog’s visibility in search engines which means more traffic.

Add and Verify Blogger Blog to Webmasters Tools

  • Login to Blogger Dashboard.
  • At the end of the page, under Tools and Resources box – Click on Webmaster Tools.
  • If asked, enter username and password again to Login.
  • Your Blogspot blog is now verified and it is added to Google Webmaster tools.

Submit Blogger Blog Sitemap to Webmasters Tools

Sitemap is basically page containing Article URLs of your blog alongwith metadata. It is updated whenever you post an article and used by Search engines to crawl Blog data. Not only Google but also use by other search engines like Yahoo, Bing,etc.
  • Inside Webmaster tools, click on Submit a Sitemap and add the following code inside the box :


  •  If you have more than 200 posts then replace value 100 by something bigger number like 500.
  • You have successfully added Blogspot blog sitemap to Google Webmasters Tools.

SEO Tips for New Blggers

If you’ve just started blogging and you’ve been confronted with this complex creature called SEO, then don’t run, or hide. Instead, the best way to try and get on with SEO is to try and understand it, and then try and tame it.
If you optimise your blog in the right way, your site will begin to rank highly on the search engine results page (or SERP) when people search for certain keywords. This will therefore drive more traffic to your site. By using SEO, you are making it easier for the search engines to give users relevant results for their searches.

Original and Engaging

The first and foremost aspect of optimising your blog is to write good, original content. If you have created a blog for any other reason, you’re doing it wrong. You’re optimising your blog so people can find it and read it, so creating content that will compel them to share it and return to your site at a later date is a necessity for a great blog.

Optimising Your Content

Using keywords in your posts will mean that Google will pick up on it and acknowledge it as relevant, and it will help bump your blog up in the rankings. You can use tools like Google Blog Search and Google News to help you figure out what searches are popular right now, or within the last day. You can then use these keywords in your next post.
Ideally, use the keywords in your title and near the beginning of your post. If you’re writing naturally, then you’ll use the keywords a couple of times within the post as well as using related phrases. Don’t stuff your content; instead focus on who you’re really writing for- your readers.

The Technical Bit

Structuring your site for people is all very well, that’s who your blog is ultimately for, but you need to structure your site for the search engines too. Your most important content should be in HTML text format, so the search engines can find it. The crawler bots from Google that look at your site often devalue image, flash files and other non-text content. If you want to see what the search engine sees, try viewing the cached version and you’ll see what indexable content you’ll have on your site. Check whether your pages are visible to the search engines too.


Tools can make your time as a blogger much easier and more efficient, especially if you’re finding SEO confusing or time consuming. Here are a few that will help you along the SEO road until you’re a pro.
Google’s keyword tool is AdWords, which can help you research potential keywords. Although there are other keyword tools, this is the foundation that you can build upon.
WordPress SEO by Yoast is an excellent all round plugin for WordPress sites. It includes everything you might need, and for an newbie blogger, or for anyone new to SEO, it’s easy to use.
Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics are tools that you cannot go without for implementing SEO tactics. For all your tracking traffic and SEO advice needs, you can’t go wrong with these tools.

Best Website Building Tools to Create Professional Websites

In case you need to create a site of your own, but you don’t have the needed time or skills – there are two options in front of you. The first one is to hire professional agency that can handle the situation, but keep in mind that in most cases this will cost you a small fortune, or the second option is to create a site on your own with the help of website builders. Below we will pay attention to 7 of the best website builders, so if you feel like saving some money and creating the site you want on your own, keep reading.

The first website builder we would like to direct your attention to is IM Creator – it represents a web-based CMS that offers really great user interface. It will not take you more than an hour to develop the site of your dreams. The whole customization is extremely easy and can be performed with a few clicks. Everything is easy, simple and quick.

However, if you want to build an e-commerce site with plenty of features, then IM Creator will not be able to help you because it doesn’t offer that big diversity of features.  On the other hand – it is ideal for small websites.
2. Google Sites
Another completely free and simple web-based site builder is Google Sites. It is really good because it offers good integration with all of Google’s features such as docs, ads, videos, maps, etc. On the other hand, some of the competitor’s website builders offer better control over the design and overall better interface. It might be a good idea to take a look at it and decide whether or not this one fits your needs. Google Sites is really good website builder and every person will have no problems creating a website with its help.
According to some of the latest news – there are more than 25 million sites that has been built via WEBS – this can mean only one thing – the website builder is really great and offers great extensibility and lots of features. Webs has been available since 2001 and ever since  then millions of people are using its features.
It is that popular because its main target group is small business and entrepreneurs.  Of course you will be able to build a website on your own that will fit your needs because Webs will provide all of the tools you are in need of.
Jimbo is one of website builders known for their great user-interfaces. It is really easy to use because its main idea is to remove the barriers that are stopping people from creating their own professional and nice-looking sites.
It is one of the most preferred websites builders thanks to the great variety of tools and options it offers. It will take you less than 10 minutes to activate your site and start selling your services or products to customers all over the world.
If you are looking for website builder that is known for its innovation then Edicy is just for you. So if you are experiencing any issues with some of the other builders, why don’t you try this one?
It has lots of features that will let you customize the site in the best way possible. Edicy is really powerful when it comes to customization, plus it can be a really good helper if you are about to create multilingual websites – this is one of its biggest advantages.
The thing that has made YOLA one of the most preferred website builders is its user friendly interface. It has great support, including telephone support for all those new clients who are experiencing any problems with the website builder.
There is a free plan, but if you want to take advantage of the full potential of the website builder, we recommend you to go for the paid version. In fact there are 2 versions – silver and gold, costing respectively 60$ and 100$ (on annual base).
This website builder is recommended for beginners because it offers lots of capabilities for FTP access, free accounts, blogging, online web tutorials and many more. The tools are made for beginners or people with really little computer and programming skills, so don’t worry because even if you are the biggest beginner TRIPOD will help you create your website in the way you want it.