How to Turn On or Turn Off YouTube Safety Mode

YouTube is a popular video sharing website by Google However , there many websites available to watch, share and download videos in world wide web but the YouTube is best website for the video lovers because of its amazing features. Anyone can create their original video using smartphone or Digital camera and upload it to YouTube for free. one of the best thing about YouTube service is that there isn’t any limitation in uploading videos to our channel as well as it  allows users to create multiple YouTube channels. but it isn’t required that it popular mean there is not any disadvantages. as i said there is no limitation and everyone can create and upload their video to YouTube. so, a lot of adult videos are there which uploaded by the YouTube users and we are going to make it disable by turning on safety mode.

As we can see most likely parents treat their kids to avoid using internet or YouTube because of this reason. If your kid using YouTube to watch movies, songs, promo, it’s OK but sometimes they will find some adult video from the YouTube search results. However, they will be not aware what is all about but the problem is that they will jump to that video to watch. if it happens with us then no problem but it is not good it happen when we are watching the videos and children or family members are sitting beside us.
However, YouTube will allow you to see adult video when you are logged in with Google account to confirm that you are 18+ otherwise you will be not able to watch that video but still it isn’t safe because anyone can edit their account and change date of birth if they are not 18+ even age confirmation features is works on YouTube website only when you go through direct video URL then it will start playing without signing in.
So, how if we stop displaying adult videos from YouTube search result as well as from sidebar related videos? It can be done through turning on safety mode on YouTube website which is the great feature provided by officially YouTube / Google. In the default YouTube, it is always turned off for the safety mode and you can search and watch any videos from the YouTube. but when you turn on safety mode it will hide Videos that may contain inappropriate content flagged by YouTube Users or other signals.  Sometimes it will not work but it will help you to avoid most inappropriate content form the YouTube.
Turning on safety mode to YouTube that mean it will enables Google safe search for your YouTube account and hide adult / inappropriate content from YouTube site. but it will be work only, when you are logged in with your YouTube account that mean it will changed to turn off safety mode when you are logged out from your Google / YouTube account.
To keep it enabled safety mode even you are logged out with your Google account you have to Lock safety mode on your browser through your account so that no one will be allowed to change safety mode settings. only you can change that settings by logged in with your Google account.
So, now if you would like to have turned on YouTube safety mode then follow the simple steps given below :
  • Go to YouTube and sign in with your Google ID and Pass.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the YouTube homepage, there you will see a menubar with some options such as choosing language, Country, and safety mode.
  • Click on safety mode option then check “ON” to enable YouTube safety mode.
  • To enabled safety mode even you are logged out with your YouTube Click on “Lock Safety mode on this browser” then it will ask you to enter your YouTube account password for the security reason, then enter your password to confirm then your browser will be lock with “safety mode on” for YouTube website and nobody will be enable to change safety mode setting.
  • After completing with above step its time to check how it works. To check how its works, go to YouTube and search with keyword “xxxx” and see the result .
  • So, now, if you want to turn off safety mode then sign in with your YouTube account > Scroll down to the bottom > Click on Safety mode option > Check “OFF” then safety mode will be disabled.

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