How to Log Out of Facebook Messenger on Your Android Device

Do you have any idea about how to log out of Facebook Messenger on your Android device? Facebook users are not really happy ever since they are forced in to send and receive messages on Facebook through Messenger. We hope that by now you must have discovered that there is no way to log out from the app only if still you have downloaded, installed and logged in to the Messenger.
There is no doubt that Messenger is the only easiest way to stay connected with your Facebook friends but many users don’t want to remain active 24*7. Users might not see an option to log out as there on Facebook but if you think that you can’t log out from the app, then you are wrong buddies. There is a simple and easy way to logout from your Facebook Messenger when you are not using it.
The recent change about using the Messenger creates a huge upheaval among the Facebook users because the change seems to be worse as it does not support the option for logout. But today, I will show you up a roundabout way which will help you in logging out from Facebook Messenger easily.
If you want to log out, head towards your phone’s settings but first close the app if you are using and get rid from the recent apps list as well. Switch to Settings>>Application Manager or Apps>>Messenger>>Clear Data.
It’s all done guys! Though now it will not log in to your profile automatically but when you will go back to the app, it will just show you your profile name which means that you just need not to sign in but just click on messenger. Do you need to log out completely? If yes, then you have to log out from the Facebook app because Messenger is fully integrated with the same. If you have no issues seeing your name their or if anyone wants to check their account through your android phone then they can simply tap on “switch account” and log in with their details.
Though this roundabout method is a bit annoying one but is the only way to log out of Facebook Messenger on your android device. Even there are no signs of any changes in Facebook so it is only the one way around.

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