How do I Start a Blog and Make Money Online? : The Complete Guide


I bet you have listened this word anywhere on the internet or outside the internet. So if you understand what the blog is, its well and good but if you don’t know what the blog is this is perfect knowledgeable article for you.


Blog is a platform where can you write your thoughts and share your photos with world also you can share them with millions of users over the world. For doing this you need a blog and platform to handle your blog,
There are many platforms which can let you create your blog for free; blogger, tumblr and wordpress are the popular platform for setting up blog. We will take you in the deep world of blogging and let you create your blog within few steps.

How to setup/create a Blogger Blog?

What will you need?
  • Email [If with Gmail it would be preferred]
  • Time of 10 – 20 minutes
If you have these then you may proceed making your blog,
1. Open
2. Now login with your Google account
3. If you are opening blogger very first they’ll ask you about your profile.
4. If you want to share Google+ profile with your readers then click on google+.
5. Now it’s time to setup blog
6. As you can see in image, Give your blog some nice name after choosing the name Select url for your style that you may select any,
7. For example .,
8. will be always there as you’re creating free blog.
9. Now click on Create Blog!
10. Whoa! You’re done with creating a blog.
You’re done setting up the blog.
Now your blog will be available for public. But still it doesn’t have any thing because its very new.

Difference between Free Blog and Custom Domain Blogz

If you’re having a free blog you’ll be get to know that all persons around world don’t click on urls when they are containing BlogSpot or any free extension.
But still there are many blogs around us they’re getting mass of traffic still when they are using a free blog.
If you are thinking to move to a custom domain then blogger has a free mapping service which will map your whole blog to your custom domain. If you have domain then you can map it or you can purchase a domain from blogger too.

Start Posting

You have completed with setting up blog.  Now it’s time to start creating posts, Post can be created by navigating to post, navigate to post and click on create post and write some content for your first post!
What is on right, eh!?
May this question ticks in your mind, so this is the interface for your post, you can give meta description, select type of html, disable and enable commenting and you can give permalink to that post from rightside interface.

The Easier Way to Get More Out From Your Blog [Monetization]

There are many direct and indirect ways to make money from your blog, but here we’ll explain you the easier way to get some bucks from your blog without paying nothing!
So your blog has started and have some posts, your blog will become popular if it have quality content, niche and nicer engagement with titles.


Adsense is a ad serving portal by Google. Adsense is a easier way to make money from your blog without paying any charges, Adsense mostly supports all country inside world. A benefit of Adsense is Adsense is highest paying website in CPC. So what you have to do is just apply for Adsense and start making money,

How to apply for Adsense?

It’s as easy as filling up a form and it takes no time!, You’ll need google account to sign up for Adsense, and it’s all started you’ll need to fill up form out there,

  • Open Google Adsense,
  • Complete signup Process if you’re new to Adsense,
  • Login Into your account, and submit an application to Adsense, they’ll review it and after reviewing they’ll mail you up with approved / disapproved status.

After Approved 🙂 :
If your application is approved then you’ll be able to put ads on your blog start earning money when anyone clicks on links.
Disapproved :?
Still it’s not to getting worry about, you can always resubmit an application to google adsense.
But Keep This Things In Your Mind While Resubmitting an Application

  • If you have less posts, then please increase your posts count.
  • SEO is another important factor affecting to this., If your SEO is not good at all you need to optimize your site for SEO, SEO can be better by adding meta tags to your page, make your loading speed fast and almost write some quality content.
  • Adsense are not accepting spammers so be aware that your blog does not contain spam in any way.
  • Also Read : Adsense Tips

Alternatives Of Adsense

There are many alternatives of adsense like
chitika, qadabra, clicksor etc…
Chitika is a nice alternative to adsense, chitika is also serving ads in your blog with text link ads and also inside texts.
Infolinks is also a nice website for advertiser which can showed in many ways. Infolinks is also a nice alternative of adsense. Because it can make you money with intext links.
BuysellAds is also providing ad service for blogs but it does not support “” because its only support top level domain.

Last but not the least

Creating a blog doesn’t make you everything works perfectly; you’ll have to be in touch with latest affairs of your blog niche, and maintaining your blog with some easier template to read, don’t implement lazy loading images in templates.


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