Basic Tips To Increase Your Google AdSense Earnings

Creating blog and get approved by Google AdSense isn’t enough to make money by online from blogging. but also there are many factors that should be implemented with your blog to increasing your Google AdSense earning.

1.Ad size – It is always dependent factor that size of ad you have chose for your content.If you have placed ad at the top most side of your content it should be big or leader board while if you are putting ads in between your content you should have to choose smaller size of ads.Google adsense has now availed feature to provide custom size adsense ads banner, so that you can easily create custom size ads banner from your adsense account.
2.Ads color – It is also dependent factor that is always affect your adsense revenue.If you have chose right color for you blog just like My news blog, means always choose your content font and color same as your ads and viseversa.
3.Ads Placement : From my personal experience, if we place ads on above fold, it gives higher revenues and earning. On any website, above-fold placement of ads will increase revenue. This is the best part that can increase earning by 15% than normal placement.
Tips: Place ads below titles, on header, below navigation menu, top sidebar are the best place to generate maximum earning from your content.
Unique & evergreen content – It is most important factor because if you are copying than you will have to suffer from law, If your content is unique search engines will drive more traffic and ultimately you will get more adsense ads click, so your adsense revenue will increase.
Not try to add adsense ads on popup banners. This will increase your adsense revenue slight higher but its against adsense terms of service and your account will be banned permanently.
Update your website/blog daily : Continuous blogging or writing on website and blog, So that your page is getting indexed within 3-5 minute, Generally after publishing content, Google indexing your page within 3-5 minutes is best for any website SEO, and continuous blogging can make this. I have been observing that scheduling post on 1-3 AM at night gets higher US traffic than posting on day time.( Remember – Schedule post according to indian timing at night 1-3 AM)
Bookmarking your content : You should bookmark your each post with social bookmarking website like stuymbleupon, mixx, shetoldme,myspace etc, I am getting so much traffic from shetold me and Stumbleupon which are my favorite.
Meta Tag: You should try to add such a tag for post that has high CTR , you can search such Tag at
Be patient and sure to adding labels in blogger and tag in wordpress blog ,Most of Search Engine are works on Key words that are present on your blog.You can try free Meta Tag analyzer.
Search Engine Optimization : This is the most powerful toll every webmaster must do for their blog and website, Search Engine optimization means to increase website/blog visibility for Search engine to get high traffic,I have tried SEO tips to getting indexed by Google within 5 minutes by that trick, and it works for me.Submit your blog/website to Major Search Engine like Google, Bing, yahoo and get more traffic to your blog.
Image Search Engine Optimization: Image is also plays an important role in SEO.If anybody want a specific images from internet,so they will be search in Google Images instead of Google search for web.That means images should also be optimized for Search Engine, so that they can be easily find out by Search engines and you will get traffic from the Images search also.Add alt tag for your images, that will give a specific name to your images so your images on your website will have name instead of having 01121521.JPG or 46411aa.JPG.
Link building:It is the most important factor that affect the traffic to your website or blog.Try to post your website link on forum message footer, submit your blog URL to Major search engine like Google, Yahoo,Bing so that they index your website quickly.Try to add your blog / website URL link to bookmarking websites, post as guest author on reputed website like, etc and link your website with them.
If you are newbie and want any kind of help regarding SEO, monetization etc, feel free to add me on my social accounts. I would be happy to help.

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