7 tips how to deal with negative comments in your blog

You have written a blog. Now, someone read your blog and wrote a negative comment. What’s next: You can either be submissive, by accepting the comment and apologizing to the reader or you can be too rude by beginning to argue with the commenter.
In any case, by doing so, you are either perceived to be passive or aggressive by your blog readers. Both perceptions are not going to get you the ‘Blogger of the Day’!
It is okay to apologize to a reader, if you are sure that the reader is right. However, in most cases, it is good to be assertive. Now, being assertive does not mean being aggressive or rude.
By being assertive, you can explain the reader, ‘how your point of view has a strong standing too’ and if you find the readers point equally strong, then you could also acknowledge that! Remember, it is the comment that is negative, but the commenter may not be negative!
You could say: I do not agree with you, but it is certainly worth giving a thought to the opinion expressed by you. In certain cases, this will project you as if you are trying to sell an idea. But don’t walk into the seller’s shoe, yet.
Let us look at 7 ways you can deal with the negative comment:

Don’t get angry: First things first, never ever get angry about a negative comment on your blog. Yes, negativity hurts, but let us look at it this way. Whose blog reputation are you spoiling by arguing with the reader? The reader will easily walk away by writing unnecessary things and more so no one may even notice the reader – if the reader has posted the comment as an anonymous user. You are the reputation manager of your blog and it is not advisable to get angry.

Be open to communicate your concern: It is okay to not agree with something. After all, ‘what triggered the negative comment’ is nothing but a disagreement with ‘what you wrote’. And whether you agree or disagree – No one is going to read that particular post after a while. After all, every post has a shelf life and it may differ from one post to another. Some posts go viral and they may have a longer life than other posts. However, some posts may not have the viral effect but that does not make them any less valuable. Every post has its own value as long as the content is well-researched and well-presented.

Show respect to your writing: You have done your homework before writing the post and you know ‘what you are talking about’. Your written word has meaning and it means a lot to you. Hence before you belittle yourself, it is best to convey this fact with the readers of your blog post. Tell them about: your experience, your expertise and ‘how you reached a specific conclusion’. Perhaps, after knowing all of it, they might as well agree with you rather than disagree.

Give the reader more resources to read: Now, even if the reader does not agree, stay calm. You can then give the reader more resources to read and appreciate ‘your point of view’. Still, some readers may disregard you research as well.

Invite more opinions: Move on, and invite more opinions. Let the other readers comment about this specific comment. You could do so by writing a post about the negative comment itself!

Don’t try to sound like ‘I know it all’!: Okay, you have done the entire ‘Let us agree to not agree exercise’. But please do not try to sound like ‘I know it all’! Nobody likes the sound of it.
You could be better off by taking the entire conversation with the commenter as a lesson. Write the blog about the negative comment in parts. Let us say 3 parts and post 1 part every week.
The negative commenter will be enthralled to know that you have acknowledged the comment. It would also be a big and memorable experience for your other readers. Heard of negative publicity! Celebrities do it and yes it always works!

Show grace: In the end of it all, thank the negative commenter graciously. And close the conversation on a polite note. Perhaps, the reader will come back even after you wrote a post about the negative comment itself.
In such an instance, whenever you feel that it is too much to handle, or it is only going to reduce the popularity of your blog – simply ignore the comment! Let it look like the commenter had the last laugh!
The earlier you sober up the better will be the result, or the earlier you let the reader sober up, the better it is for your blog.
But it should not appear as if you never tried to appreciate someone else’s point of view. Hence the 7 tips mentioned above can help you learn from a unique experience.
Happy Blogging!

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