How to Tweets Longer than 140 Characters

Twitter is one of best social site there we can follow celebrities and read about them on their tweet updates on twitter. but i don’t like one thing on twitter is that they allows only 140 characters on per tweet. So, what if you want share your ideas or thoughts in more than 140 characters? here’s some tips and tool that will help you to tweet more than 140 characters on twitter. If you write a tweet with long URL then you have one option is that you can shorten your URL using Google Shortner . and after that you can complete your tweet and share. but this is only helps you to short your URL not for tweet more than 140 characters.. 😦  no worry ! here’s 5 best tool for it, you can choose any one tool which you prefer and it will allow you to tweet more than 140 characters.

Long tweets is one of best site where you can tweet more than 140 character. long tweet will transforms your long tweet into an image and published it on twitter. It can be possible in the new version of twitter to display images inside the tweets details page. This is great advantage of long tweet that it will share your tweet as an image displayed directly along with your tweet. your follower will no need to leave twitter to read your long tweets.
Tall tweets is developed by one of most famous Indian blogger Amit Agrawal from Digital Inspiration. (Also Read:- Top 10 indian bloggers and their earnings) You know what? this tool is uses one of best Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan . You can see the screenshot below to know, what Amitabh Bachchan said :
To get started, sign in with your twitter accountcompose a tweet and hit publish. if there are hyperlinks in your tweet, they’ll be shortened using automatically.
TwiShort is also one of best tool for write longer messages, we loves twitter’s short quotes but some time we need to few character more to provide right message, so, this type of situations always here for help you. 🙂
4. is a service that allows you to tweet longer than 140 characters. Also accessible and user friendly on mobile devices
TwitLonger is the easy way to post longer than 140 characters to Twitter.All services are almost free and easy to use. you have to just login with your twitter account and authorize it. after that, you will be able to tweet more than 140 character.


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