How To Be Cyber Safe

In this today modern technological world we have many things done by automated system.Like sending email in bulk ,online reservation , Online Banking and Fund transfer etc so we can do this all things from home and just at mouse click no need to visit offices and stores for purchase or sale of item.But every coin have 2 sides one good and one is bad.Like you get above advantage of stated above there are some people who target other user personal thing by stealing their password and E-Mali account. It is one of the loop hole and most hottest problem persisting worldwide. Here I am going to show you some simple ways How to Be Cyber Safe.

The internet and mobile phones provide a great way to communicate and express yourself with others, but it’s important to make sure they’re used responsibly so that everybody has an enjoyable online experience. It’s all about respecting yourself and others. Today devices such as smartphone and laptops are common and you will hardly find any home without internet and people are becoming more and more addictive yo use internet and online facilities. Hackers are closely looking around propel who make  poor in maintain their security as soon as they found it they will get their hand on them. Very less people know about cyber crime rules and law enforcement.

This is because most of people are not aware of this dude to lack of cyber law promotion and education to the people.
Here are some most common ways Hackers user to get your details :  
  • Sending Mail that you have won heavy amount and demanding personal information about yourself.
  • On Facebook many people share their password on popular post and many people actually do share them.
  • Facebook apps are most hot topic that are persisting on now a days they steal you data by asking for access your personal Details.
  • Website that show your computer have viruses and suggest you to download the antivirus and after downloading  the same you are done for.
  • Placing suspicious link on website.
  • Links that are embedded in email and just need one click to steal your data etc…
This are some of the tricks that are used for fooling the user and get access to their private and sensitive data .
Here Simple Precautionary Measure That One Should Use To Be Cyber Safe:
  • Use a strong password. Passwords MUST NOT BE SHARED!!!!! Choose passwords that others can’t guess…..not your favorite food or pets name or your mobile number or your name. Should be a mix of caps/letters/numbers/symbols.
  • Don’t blindly believe everything you read – make sure you know it’s coming from a reliable source and it’s geniality .
  • Make sure there is no response to rude or harassing emails.
  • Immediately exit any site that makes you feel uncomfortable or worried in navigation or finding no useful thing on it.
  • If receiving harassing messages many site have feature to block them from your Emials
  • Do not allow you profile pick to be used by anyone on any other website under any circumstances.
  • Don’t post inappropriate or illegal content anywhere on the internet.
  • If you have found inappropriate content about yourself on a website or are informed about this situation please contact the ISP and or Police or tell your parents to do so imminently.
  • Social Networking profiles such as Facebook etc SHOULD BE SET TO PRIVATE. Do check your security settings on social sites.
  • Only accept friend requests from people you actually know – even if it is a friend of a friend it’s not a good idea to add them unless you actually know them.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO EXCHANGE OF PERSONAL INFORMATION!(This is what make you absolutely safe).
  • Don’t click on any links that are embedded in emails – type the URL into the browser and go from there.
  • Make habit of changing password certain period of time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  By following these tips you can safeguard yourself and data you have online and stored in your account. Here I have shown you How to Be Cyber Safe and share this post with as many people as you can to improve the awareness among people who user internet. Do share it on Facebook and other social site to safeguard your loved once.

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